Sebastian Sierociński

´And thou shalt drink Merkvry / So to taste the star ov hate / Know the sphere ov fury / Krvsh the miserable fate´


There's no me
Few of them
That is he
That makes me

Feel the void
Which is black
In my eyes
Blind all lies

Hidden in soul
But I don't have
Empty space there
Jus' the flesh

I can't hear
Yet dozen voices
Lost again


in the digression of the loneliness
which is contemplated
when listening to the wind, whistling outside
looking for some warm words of concern
finding some in the dreams
where tears are; in this nonsense...
where walking amongst the strangers
and kissing their moulded lips simultaneously
and then asking them about matter of the thing
and then escaping
finding the old friend
which is not friend anymore
and she cuddles more
so the realization of disgust is possible
and all these people, so called acquaintances
running thru the subconsciousness
...of paramount importance
are their eyes, and smiles
(I’m) freaking out!
...the scream of tearing free!
and then...
...the oblivion...

Hymn to Man

Rise thy wings!
An' bring the sinew
Ov the mighty RED
An' soar! Soar high above!
Roar through winds!
Stretch your touch on the holy sphere
Glide in waves
All currents are thine
Consume the light
This solar heat

Thou art ALL
At every spot
The multitude an' th' unity

O Great Creator!
Crowned with the moon-rays
Radiate the brightness
Ov thy sacred soul
With the power ov thy will
Vibrate the strings
Through infinity
Down to the Matter
Shake the molecules
An' shake the planets

Thou art ALL
At every spot
The multitude an' th' unity

Thou art fount
Thy name is lust
Great is thy power
An' grand thy play
All heavens an' suns
All planets an' stars
In dance ov adoration
With solemn salutations
For thee! For thee!
For thou art Man

Little Blue Jay

As the day is fading away
And darkness slowly coming
I am in my blissful stillness
Watching little blue jay

As I watch it with attention
I am thinking of myself
And my place on this earth
Way to reach my full ascension

As I see bright stars o’er my head
They remind me of my nature
I am them and they are me
That would be my truth unsaid

As the coldness came as well now
Chills have run down my spine
I won’t stay here any longer
Blue jay has been killed by crow

Ode to Xochiquetzal

Thou art the sun, ov warm beams
Thou art the flower, ov the finest smell
Thou art the fresh air, an' breath ov it
Thou art the star, the brightest one
Thou art the crescent, ov the dark night
Thou art th’ angel, ov six wings
Thou art the tear, from the blue sky
Thou art the snow flake, cold in its pureness
Thou art the silence, amongst the mist
Thou art the feelings, in dance ov love
Thou art the summer rain, in which I am bath’d
Thou art the fruit, ov the forbidden tree
Thou art the heav’nly muse, the secret ov inspiration
Thou art th’ eternal endeavour ov mine... yet unequall’d


Implementing all that was already said
In variations ov divinity
Self-centered & opened for new
'Tis ov Her - the Great One

O thee, pleasurous one
Lure me with thy smell
Let me breathe none but thee
I dare thee!

Surrounded by sweet vibes
Mesmerized with their light
I see none but thee
I dare thee!

O one, with lusting lips
Utter sacred words ov love
I want to hear none but thee
I dare thee!

O Scarlet Woman!
Come unto me
Spread the legs & offer thy rose
An' let me come* unto thee!

Let's spit the cup ov fornication!
Let's bear the child ov the New Aeon!

*(alt. cum)

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